Doors open 30 minutes earlier for advanced ticket holders!

Located at the

46100 Grand River Ave., Novi, Michigan – One mile west of Novi Rd. – Parking $5


we’ve expanded and will be using the entire Suburban Collection Showplace! Including the full exhibit floor and the Diamond Center for speaker rooms.

wore Parking! 2000 more parking spaces on site this year. Off site parking with shuttle service once the main lots fill up on Saturday.

wdded Ticket Stations! We’re increasing the number of ticket scanning stations. In 2013 we only had 8. This will allow us to move everyone in much faster, even at peak times.

wore Concession stands. Fully staffed and stocked.

we are working with an experienced professional staffing company that has experience with line control and management.

weparate Lines! Separate lines and entrances for Advance Ticket holders and At Show purchasers tickets. Look for the BIG picket sign at the end of each line to avoid getting in the wrong line. The sign holder marks the end of the line!

whree Day Pass holders will get a 3 day wristband. No need to check in every day.