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Autographs & Celebrity Photo Ops are the best way to enjoy one-on-one time with our Celebrity Guests!


Check out our 2020 Celebrity Guest List!  Click on an individual guest page to see what days they will be at the show, autograph pricing and much more.


You can walk right up to a Celebrity’s booth to purchase an autograph or redeem a pre-sale autograph from/with their handler.


All Celebrity Guest Autographs sessions will take place at their individual booth on the showroom floor. Guest Booth locations will be listed in the program guide.


There will be pre-printed 8×10 photos of the Celebrity Guest at their booth that come included in the price of an autograph.  You can bring in an item to get signed but it may be subject to approval or possibly additional fees that are set by each individual guest.


Prices vary between guests and can be found on their individual Guest Pages. Most on-site autographs are CASH ONLY!


Q. Where Can I Find the Celebrity Guest Signing Schedules?

A. There is no schedule for autograph sessions.  Celebrities are usually at their booth when they are not at a panel, in a photo op, or at lunch or dinner. Guests may only appear on certain days, so make sure to check the individual Guests Page for their current appearance schedule.

Q. What does Pre-sale Autograph mean?

A. Some autographs are sold in advance and at the show. Some autographs are only sold in advance. Make sure to check out the Guest Pages for that info.  All pre-sale tickets are available for purchase on our Ticketing Page.

Q. Why Can’t I Find a Specific Celebrity Guest Autograph Ticket?

A. If they are not listed on our Ticketing Page under the Pre-Sale Autograph section, then that Celebrity Guest will only be selling their autographs at their individual guest booth on-site at the show.

Q. Can I Get Multiple Things Autographed?

A. Yes,  you can get multiple things signed but each autograph purchase is good for one guest signature. i.e. if you bring 10 items to get signed you will have to buy 10 autograph tickets.

Q. Do You Offer Mail-In Services If I Cannot Attend the Con?

A. No, all autographs must be redeemed on-site at the convention.

Q. Can I Get My Photo Op Autographed?

A. Yes!  Although, please be mindful of the celebrity guest’s appearance day and schedule, and don’t wait until last minute to act.