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Kubert School

With: Anthony Marques Artist and President of The Kubert School
Sunday, October 17th
Time: 1:15 pm 
Location: Legacy II

The Joe Kubert School Way! Making Comics Artists for over 45 Years!
Join the Joe Kubert School and some of its esteemed alumni in a discussion on its historic legacy in developing the artists of the future, today! 

About The Joe Kubert School
Founded by legendary comic artist and creator, Joe Kubert, The Kubert School is committed to providing a personalized education that will stretch the limits of each student’s talents and potential. 
The Kubert School’s curriculum with a focus on all facets of sequential and narrative art ensures each graduating student will be equipped with a developed understanding of craft, an enlarged imagination, and the work ethic and passion necessary to be an artist for years to come. 
The Kubert School looks forward to including you amongst the ranks of its alumni which has reached into every facet of the comics and entertainment industry. 
We are accepting applications for our upcoming school year! Visit www.kubertschool.edu and apply today!