COVID Policy



The 32nd annual Motor City Comic Con (aka MC3) is right around the corner and we’re beyond excited to finally return and hang with all of you October 15-17, 2021. Our team is committed to creating an event experience where our guests, staff, exhibitors, and attendees can safely and effectively geek out. At MC3 we believe you can have it all! Health, safety and fun can all be had when following our COVID-19 regs.

While we understand not everyone will agree with the following protocols, we ask that you respect and understand our position to keep everyone safe. We’ve worked harder than ever to bring you a great show this year and we hope you’re as excited as we are, despite some challenges and minor inconveniences.

Face Coverings
Masks are required for all attendees, exhibitors, guests, and staff. Masks can be removed for eating and temporary mask removal will be permitted in the case of photo ops and at the Celebrity & Comic Guest booths when plexiglass shields are used. Please see photo op regs and plexiglass details below. No medical exemptions allowed. Masks are required ages 6 & up. Under 6 at parents’ discretion.

Vaccinations are not required nor will records be requested. 

Hand Sanitizing
We will have hand sanitization stations placed throughout the convention center; however, we suggest bringing a small stash of your own in case you need it and you’re nowhere near a station.

Social Distancing
Where possible keep your distance and respect the humans around you.

No Brainers

  • If you’re not feeling well, please stay home and eat lots of chicken soup
  • If you’re showing any Covid-19 signs/symptoms, please stay home and eat lots of chicken soup
  • Please wash your hands frequently (with soap!)
  • Respect your fellow geeks always
  • Have a blast…That’s an order!


Other things we’re doing:

  • Wider Aisles -We’ll have wider aisles throughout the hall for easy roaming & shopping
  • Hand Sanitization stations will be placed throughout the convention center. Use them!
  • Monitoring ticket sales to ensure a safe number of attendees per day
  • We’ll have masks on-site just in case you forget yours 
  • Plexiglass barriers will be provided to all of our Celebrity and Comic Guests and therefore they will not be required to wear masks during signing sessions- so fans can see the faces of their favorite Guests. Please see the Pose Photo Op protocols below.
  • Getting pumped to see you guys…it’s been way too long!

Pose Photo Ops For your health & safety, and the health & safety of our celebrity guests, plexiglass barriers may be in place during your photo op. This decision will be made at the discretion of the celebrity guest and is subject to change at any time. Prior to the event, you will be notified if plexiglass barriers will be in use during your photo op. You may request a refund prior to your photo op if protocols do not match your preferences. Guests will not be wearing masks during photo ops.

MC3 protocols are subject to change, and we’ll make updates and changes as necessary.