Press Passes 2019


Press Passes

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Press Credentials Terms & Guidelines

We welcome select members of the media to cover Motor City Comic Con 2019 and look forward to helping you with any requests. Our goal is to ensure Motor City Comic Con runs smoothly for everyone concerned – attendees, guests, organizers, film crew and all attending media.

Please read the following summary of guidelines regarding press credentials for Motor City Comic Con 2019. By submitting your application you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the requirements and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. Approved Applicants will be subject to further requirements prior to the show. ALL MEMBERS OF THE PRESS/MEDIA COVERING THE EVENT ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE AN APPLICATION. Motor City Comic Con reserves the right to deny any applicant for any reason.

Note: All applicants will be contacted by email with a confirmation or denial of their requests. Due to the overwhelming number of applications we ask that you wait 2 weeks before contacting our office for a status

  • NOT ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE APPROVED.  Press Passes are limited. Please remember this is only a request.
  • CREDENTIALS ARE FOR PRESS REPRESENTATIVES ONLY. Personal assistants, associates or other similar staff employed by media outlets, do not qualify for media credentials. Guests or family members traveling or attending with journalists do not qualify for press credentials.
  • YOU MUST BE ON ASSIGNMENT TO COVER THE WEEKEND. You must have a confirmed assignment to cover Motor City Comic Con. Press Passes will not be issued Freelance Professionals not on assignment. Assignments can be uploaded within the application.
  • MEDIA. Motor City Comic Con defines “Media” as journalists, photographers, editors or producers who have a verified and specific editorial assignment to cover the convention for a specific, recognized media outlet (print, online, radio, TV) that generates original articles or reviews about the event.
  • INTERVIEWS WITH GUESTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.  Interviews with Celebrity Guests and some Comic Guests will be granted on a limited basis and will be arranged prior to the show through Motor City Comic Con media representatives. Approved applicants will receive more information regarding the policies of interviewing Guests.
  • PRESS BADGES ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE.  Approved applicants are not permitted give away or sell their Press Badges. Such behavior will result in revoking of their badge and they will be disqualified from future events.
  • AUDIO, PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY POLICY.  All audio, video, and photography is property of Motor City Comic Con and can be used at the request of Motor City Comic Con.
  • ALL PRESS PASS/BADGE HOLDERS. Members of the media with approved Press Badges understand that in addition to this policy, they are also expected to uphold and exemplify the general Motor City Comic Con attendance guidelines and policies. Members of the media understand that press badges can be revoked at any time before or during the convention with or without prior warning. Examples of infractions that would warrant unwarned revocation of a Press Pass include but are not limited to: approaching specific Guests (outlined in the press information provided to approved applicants) without Motor City Comic Con media representative approval, non-compliance with Motor City Comic Con policy or staff instructions, or harassment of attendees, staff, or guests.

Motor City Comic Con reserves the right to change or modify any policy or rule at any time and without notice.


Press Pass Applications are now CLOSED