John Bolton

John Bolton

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John was seven when he first encountered a paint brush and it was love at first sight, offering him an output to visualise and create what he saw in his mind and put it to paper. Thus began a life-long ambition of creativity, with influences acquired from a wide variety of sources, but all connected by one underlying theme – the interesting and bizarre.

John has been painting now for three decades. His painting displays a thorough understanding of each medium and subject he chooses to tackle.

Inspiration comes not from outside influences, but from the story he is illustrating. The style stems from the content and emotion of a particular story.

Bolton has an innovative approach to sequential art that has seen him rise to the very top of the current crop of artists working in comics. He digs deep into his imagination to come up with something never seen before.

An art school graduate he was turned onto comic art in the 1970’s and worked for House of Hammer adapting the classic Hammer films such as Curse of the Werewolf, Dracula.

In the early eighties Marvel Comics’ editor Ralph Macchio noticed his work and called him to work on an adaptation of Kull for Bizarre Adventures, this was Bolton’s first work in the US.

John has collaborated with a host of prestigious writers including Chris Claremont, Mike Carey, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and Mark Verheiden. As well as filmmakers Sam Raimi, Jonathan Glazer, Robert Zemeckis and John Landis.

John works from his studio in London surrounded by giant aphids, grotesque masks, animal sculls and other bizarre objects.

John is currently working with Lovern Kindzierski on the continuing Shame Series published by RenegadeArtsEntertainments. Copies of the Shame Trilogy will be available at the convention.

John will be bringing Prelims from some of his past work, but if you are interested in commissioning John or if you would like to buy a original piece of art please click the email button under the photo.

motor city comic con | May 15-17, 2020