Josh Dahl

Josh Dahl

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Josh Dahl was born in Royal Oak, Michigan. His childhood was perfectly normal, and he eventually attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. There, he studied education, writing, and history.

He also organized and promoted pop-culture events and punk-rock shows.

The weekly talk radio show he co-hosted won the Golder Bronco Award for outstanding public service programming. Around that time, he also won the English department chair’s “Arnie Award” for fiction and came in second in the soapbox derby.

As part of the Kalamazoo City Comics Commission (Later, ComicsWork) he made comics and began teaching visual storytelling in area schools.

He tabled at his first Motor City Comic Con with Blue Comics in (maybe?) 1993

Josh got a degree and a certificate in secondary education. He taught for a year in the UK. Returning to the states, he took a series of jobs in youth detention facilities in Boston, MA.

After ten years in these facilities, Josh left that career to pursue writing and teaching comics. He has self published multiple comic book titles and launched the education and consulting agency, Make Better Comics. Through Make Better Comics, Josh consults on comic creation and storytelling, as well as teaches classes and presentations on this unique story form.

As a speaker and presenter, josh is repped by Andromeda Talent.

He currently lives in Somerville, MA, with his girlfriend and their dog, both of whom are very cute.

motor city comic con | May 15-17, 2020